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Caitlan’s Maker Chain Connects Over 60 WoodWorkers Around The World

We just love a good community project that brings people together. This one was thought up by Catlan the Cat, who you might recall from her Maker Spotlight.

Her idea was simple. She was going to publish dimensions of a single link in a chain, to be turned from wood. People all over could create their own, in any design and material they wanted, just so long as it matched the proper dimensions. She would then assemble them together to create a chain showing the wood turner’s community collaboration.

It is so wonderful to see youthful excited people pushing to revitalize old skills like wood turning and wood working. I have to commend Caitlan’s work ethic too! Just look at her youtube channel to see how much work she does putting out new and interesting projects.


I get ridiculously excited seeing people make things. I just want to revel in the creativity I see in makers. My favorite thing in the world is sharing a maker's story. You can find me on twitter at @calebkraft

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