5 in 5: Day 5

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The final day of 5 in 5 was happy-dirty, telepathic, deliciously chilly, retro-reflective, recursively meta, southwardly mobile, ephemerally illustrated, dubiously conversant, cartographically challenging, mixed, mashed and lovingly recycled.

Andrew Schneider was our final Guest Star and meta-chronicled the waning day of five. As promised, the fivers headed to Odessa where their personal bartender concocted the 5-in-5-Dead-or-Alive cocktail. The ingredients are a poorly guarded secret, but suffice it to say that there’s five kinds of booze and (true story) five of the fivers had five of them each. Outside of the hangover, the week was a great success–creative, interactive, productive and prolific. In five days they completed over 60 projects. Check out the blog for details or read all my posts for a summary.

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