Angus the TARDIS Tortoise

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Angus the TARDIS Tortoise


It seems like practically everything in the known universe has been made into a TARDIS as this point, but Redditor punkpixzsticks shared a particularly clever TARDIS costume made for a tortoise named Angus, which redditors have now dubbed the “TORDIS.” The costume appears to consist of a modified lampshade and, according to punkpixzsticks, it is full of cash because Angus was collecting donations for the Como Herpetology Society.

For those who might be concerned about Angus’ well-being, take a look at Katie Bradley’s tortoise cozies, which she also calls “Tortoise Yard Finders” to help keep her tortoises from getting lost when she takes them out for a little fresh air! Bradley has rescued, rehabilitated, and re-homed several tortoises and 10% of her sales go towards rescuing reptiles.

And if you’d like to seem more DIY, sci-fi, tortoise costumes, then be sure to take a peek at this homemade flying saucer costume!

[via fashionably geek]


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