Awesome R2D2 Yarn Bombing

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Awesome R2D2 Yarn Bombing

This is quite possibly my favorite yarn bombing of all time. Sarah Rudder created a knitted R2D2 cover for a concrete street post in Bellingham, Washington.

I set out in March of this year in the shadow of many talented knitters and crocheters, determined to yarn-bomb a lackluster part of downtown Bellingham, Washington. The pedestrian crosswalks here have concrete structures lining the paths. They’re about hip-height, squatty, and ugly; and I was in the middle of a rant about how boring they where when I realized they were about the same shape as a well-known robot from the popular Star Wars films.

In her Google+ photo album, there are wonderful pictures of folks reacting to the yarn bombing, and it’s beautiful to see how universally loved this little droid is. I would love to come across him out on the street! [via Knithacker]

2 thoughts on “Awesome R2D2 Yarn Bombing

  1. Margaret Lyons says:

    Thank you so much, Sarah!!!!!!!!!! you made our day!
    Margaret in B’ham

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