Belle and Burger: Down Home Sass and a Dash of Practicality

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Today’s Bazaar Bizarre profile showcases the work of Belle and Burger, run by Chasity Gordon, a sassy mom with a penchant for reusing materials. Bazaar Bizarre will be her first opportunity to show her wares in a large event venue, and she’ll be sharing a booth with Jen of Blue Mama (look for her profile tomorrow). Gordon’s practical approach to crafting, combined with her sometimes saucy attitude (her undergarments are … wowza) are going to bring a lot of Austin flair to Bazaar Bizarre.
What is the name of your business?
Belle and Burger
How long have you been in business?
Belle and Burger has been around since January of 2008 when I started my blog. Before that I called my stuff Belle South since about 2005
What kinds of goods do you make/sell?
I make clothing (outer and underwear), accessories, household items, baby clothes and slings, and handmade cards, prints and books. I really just make whatever I want or what my family wants or needs. I use pockets, patches,apron bibs and wallet fronts as sort of blank pages to draw and collage with bits of fabric and string. No two items are identical, I feel kind of stagnant when I repeat myself. I was never that good at making editions in printmaking either.
How did you get started in the indie crafting business?
I studied printmaking and ceramics in college. I was drawn to “lowbrow” functional art (I was always seen as a “crafty”art student, not too cool in 1992) I bought a sewing machine about 12 years ago to use in prints and books. I started altering my clothing then. Finally around 2005 I sold a few shirts at parts and labor and Bellesouth was started. I worked a year as as a seamstress for a wholsale cleaners where I learned how to up my production, create and (sort of )read patterns, and manage my sewing skills and time better. I then got preggers and made most of my maternity clothes and baby wear. A little more than a year into my sons life I started my blog and booth at a local all organic Farmers market and that is where we are now. Belle and Burger at Sunset Valley Farmers Market.
What drew you to apply for the Bazaar Bizarre show?
I love Craft and I think this is the perfect venue for my arts and crafts.
Have you lived in other cities and worked as an independent craft business person? If so, how did that experience compare to living/working in Austin as an independent craft person?
Not really too much. Atlanta 8 years ago was not as receptive to the craft market as Austin but I think that craft has really rallied in the last 10 years nationwide.
How does living in Austin influence your work?
I love Texas and I love Austin. I grew up right outside of Atlanta, and Austin reminds me of the Georgia I grew up in. A place where people wave at their neighbors, men hold doors for ladies and people take pride in being part of a community. I think Austin supports Austin. The folks here love art and they allow art to be an enriching part of their daily life.
How would you describe the Austin craft scene? What do you think makes the Austin craft scene unique?
It is super easy to connect with crafters in Austin because it seems everyone feels a little crafty here. I might be at a store and someone will mention “hey I love your bag” I will say “thanks, I made it” and the next thing you know we are emailing each other. Also Austin has a lot of venues to get crafty with other folks.
What do you think Maker Faire Austin visitors can expect from Bazaar Bizarre this year?
I think It is gonna knock their socks off! People will probably be overwhelmed by all these creative souls living right here in cental Texas.
What kind of “Austin flavor” do you think Maker Faire visitors will take away from Maker Faire Austin this year?
I think it will be eclectic yet harmonious; And as always in Austin comfortable and casual…boots and jeans always welcome.
What do you hope you get out of participating in Bazaar Bizarre and Maker Faire Austin?
Lots of new points of view.

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