Book Review: Sewing for Boys

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I am so excited about this book. If you have a little boy, you will have already noticed that not only is it hard to find cute boy clothes, it’s just as hard to find cute boy patterns so you can make your own. Enter Sewing for Boys, by the ladies who brought you Patterns by Figgy’s. It is a fantastic addition to the field! It includes a pattern for pretty much everything a boy could wear (except underwear, darn it), and I’m pretty confident that I will be making most of the things in this book, working my way through the seasons and upping my skill level as I go.
While most of the patterns seem to be for beginning or intermediate sewers (from a simple baby romper to a double-sided jacket), there are also a few patterns for the experts out there, like my favorite, the Henry shirt. (See below.) The introduction also claims that anyone can tackle any project in the book if they give themselves enough time and patience, and after looking over the patterns and instructions, I think that’s true.
Everything looks comfortable to wear (crucial if you want your boy to actually wear your creation), but with plenty of room for creativity. I like that many of the items are shown multiple times throughout the book in different fabrics, so you can get a sense of how they’ll turn out.
The instructions are meticulously detailed, with plenty of tips for those of us who aren’t seasoned clothes-makers. If you have a boy and you like to sew, this book should be on your shelf–I can’t wait to get started. (More photos after the jump.)

I must admit that the Henry shirt was the one that stole my heart first–what a great way to use a fun pattern without having it be too overwhelming. (Although learn from Elsie Marley‘s mistake to avoid the uniform look!)
I’m impressed by the breadth of patterns; while there are plenty of simple raw-edged T-shirts and pants, they also had the courage to throw in a vintage-inspired suspender shorts set and some board shorts, too.
I also really like that they included some non-clothing items. I love the portable race car playmat, complete with fabric tunnel, and the art organizer in particular.

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