Brewing Open Mate, an open source mate soda

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Brewing Open Mate, an open source mate soda

Over at Hack Pittsburgh, we are running an experiment to try and brew an open-source version of the highly caffeinated Club Mate soda drink. The first version uses Chai Mate tea mix, cane sugar, and caffeine powder, but already we have suggestions to improve the next batch.

It’s actually pretty easy to make soda, even if you don’t have fancy equipment like a soda keg and CO2 tank. If you are interested in trying it out, Becky has you covered with the DIY soda episode of the CRAFT Video. Already have a favorite recipe? Share it with us in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Brewing Open Mate, an open source mate soda

  1. premature anti-fascist says:

    This is best done with eye protection and outside: Be careful.

    The last time I got a hold of some dry ice, I put a small chunk of it (maybe a tablespoon’s worth of volume) into a gallon jug filled a quarter of the way with water.

    I tightened the lid as hard as I could, and waited for the water to stop bubbling. The water was just as fizzy as anything I got from the store.

    My next experiment didn’t go as well: I used a quart bottle made of plastic instead of glass, and filled it almost to the top with orange juice, and a similar piece of dry ice. There wasn’t enough room for the CO2 to expand, so it blew the bottle apart. I managed to get it in the sink and covered with a pan before it exploded, but I’m still cleaning off orange juice from the ceiling.

    If you have leftover dry ice, you can always put it in some soapy water for a cool effect:

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