Catching Up With Sketchfab Co-founder Alban Denoyel

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Catching Up With Sketchfab Co-founder Alban Denoyel

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My favorite thing about Sketchfab is how easy it is to embed their 3D model viewer into a web page (as I did above). You can drop a model right into a Facebook status, a blog post, a Kickstarter page, an Instructables project, and more. It’s easy to use and adds a great interactive element to your content.

I’m looking forward to seeing how Sketchfab grows and continues to act as the go-to model host for 3D artists. I caught up with co-founder Alban Denoyel (who we’ve spoken to in the past) for a quick update:
Hi Alban! How’s it going? Is Sketchfab growing?

It’s going super well! We just entered the TechStars NYC spring batch, and are very excited to be moving to the Big Apple. It’s a great ecosystem for us, with many other companies in the 3D space, as well as other creative platforms. Sketchfab is growing fast, and we are hiring.
Which Sketchfab feature excites you most?

After several weeks of work, we recently released, our new service for creating your professional 3D portfolio website. It is pretty exciting, as it’s the first service of its kind. There are tons of great services out there to build a portfolio website, but none of them are dedicated to 3D artists with real-time 3D viewing technology.
What are you focusing on right now? What can we look forward to in the future?

We are focusing on building strong partnerships with other companies and 3D platforms. For example, you can now embed 3D models in your Kickstarter campaign! On the 3D side, we are adding features on a regular basis. We just released an image-based fallback for when WebGL isn’t available, and you will very soon have an option to upload your own background in the viewer.
Can you share some interesting Sketchfab projects with us?

Sure! Here are a few:


What would you like to see in Sketchfab that isn’t present already? Leave a suggestion in the comments below!

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