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Artist Michael Dory is still making his “Concrete Crickets,” these little electronic devices implanted in smushed cups and cans, and NPR has done an audio story on him and this form of streetcorner graffiti. – [via] Link.

Concrete Crickets – Link.

6 thoughts on “Concrete Crickets NPR story

  1. isnoop says:

    At least he’s in NYC and not Chicago. The cops might blow up his art and charge him as a terrorist.

  2. Dirkus says:

    This has been mentioned here and a couple other places once or twice now, I’m awaiting the knee-jerk police reaction to this. Remember folks, we saw a mention of the “LED Art installations” in Boston a couple weeks before the big scare. I’m putting my bet on this hitting CNN as a bomb scare on…*spins the wheel* …the morning of Tuesday the 16th.

    Neat gadgets though. They have to sound better than the “dying screeching birds / hawk screech” audio loop they play all day outside where I work to keep the pigeons away.

  3. Daenris says:

    isnoop: don’t you mean Boston, not Chicago?

    Or was there some event here in Chicago that you’re referring to?

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