Join in the Maker Camp Fun with the Feather Glue Gun Boa Challenge

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Join in the Maker Camp Fun with the Feather Glue Gun Boa Challenge

What better way to celebrate the launch of Maker Camp than by taking on our Feather Glue Gun Boa Challenge (FGGBC)?!

To participate in the FGGBC, take your favorite tool or material that you’ll use at camp this summer, modify it in some creative way, and then take a fun picture or short video of it and post to our Maker Camp Google+ community page. Use the #MakerCamp hashtag to introduce your team and show your camp spirit!

We devised the challenge for Maker Camp affiliate leaders, but anyone can take part. To get inspired, check out our silly FGGBC song, introduced this May at Maker Faire Bay Area, and lustily performed by Maker Camp director Bridget Rigby, Start Making! co-author Danielle Martin, Bay Area Discovery Museum associate director Lisa Regalla, and Nation of Makers executive director Dorothy Jones-Davis:

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See what they did with their favorite new tool, now both functional and fashionable, to represent the creative, positive, solution-based Maker mindset needed to jump in and glue anything back together, turning any challenge into cool new camp innovations.

Behind all of this feather-glue-gun-silliness is a message about the deeper goal of developing a maker mindset while learning through failure. Here are the lyrics, set to the tune of Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling!”:

I got this feeling, inside my gun
It goes electric, gluey when I turn it on
All through the summer, and through our camp
We’re building circuits and solar-powered lamps

I got that glue gun in my pocket
Got that vision in my head
I feel that failure in my body when it flops – oooh
Then I pull out my fave glue gun, moving so phenomenally
Glue on top and then the bottom, ouch – it’s hot!

And as the camp goes, and everything flows
We work together and everyone knows
When me make, well, our awesomeness grows
So just imagine, just imagine, just imagine

Nothing I can see but you when you make, make, make
It’s a feeling way too good to be true
So just make, make, make, come on
All those things that campers do
When they make, make, make
And ain’t no campers leaving soon
So keep making

I can’t stop the gluing
So just make, make, make
I can’t stop the gluing
So just make, make, make

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