Maker Spotlight: Scatha G. Allison

Costumes, Cosplay, and Props Craft & Design
Maker Spotlight: Scatha G. Allison

Name: Scatha G. Allison
City: Sacramento, California
Makerspace(s): The Crucible, Maker Faire, Crocker Art Museum, YBAC, The Luggage Store Gallery, Telus Spark Calgary, SubZero Festival, SOMArts Gallery, The Exploratorium, Priceless, Burning Man
Day Job: Neocouture clothing designer and artist, artwear and author of DIY book Jean Therapy


How’d you get started making? Originally I was a painter and fine artist, working in two-dimensional work, in collaborative installations, but began exploring clothing as a way to communicate directly to the viewer and engage with them directly.

I find that clothing embodies the power to directly and silently communicate feelings, ideas, thoughts, and values of an individual, as well as reflecting the state of society and the world. Its language is made of patterns, shapes, and textures — it speaks with covering and revealing, in form and silhouette. It reaches into you without words and transcends your thoughts. At the same time, the discipline and craft of clothing design and construction fascinates and challenges me to equal measure. These are the things that keep me devoted to the wearable art, to Fashion.


What type of maker would you classify yourself as? Craft and Construction, Salvage Reconstruction and Remake, Upcycling, Sewing and Fabrication.

What’s your favorite thing you’ve made? That’s really hard to pick! I am constantly making new work. This year, I am especially proud of the pieces in the True Alchemy Collection, which was a 6-artist collaboration, for Hot Couture 2016 at The Crucible; the To:gether project with wearable tech for MakeFashion 2016; and I hold a special place in my heart for all the wedding pieces (for both brides and grooms) I am honored to create for clients. I also cherish all the collaboration projects and costuming for performers, particularly dancers and ritual performances.


What’s something you’d like to make next? I would love to find a way to take Miss Velvet Cream into the VR world, or design a collection for characters in a game or virtual space. I also dream of being able to dress a cast of characters in a story or film set in a future/past alternate universe. I deeply enjoy the process of creating — from inception to construction, to the manifestation of the final image. I am very lucky that I am able to do this in my work and life.


Any advice for people reading this? Anything is attainable through practice. All skills are learnable, though it may be difficult. Process is key. It is through the process of Making that ideas become refined and complete, and transform into the world. When you are in a creative block, work through it. The blocks are the thresholds of working through ideas or techniques. Don’t be afraid of looking at work other artists are making, and at the same time be critical in examining your own work, let your voice and vision come through without editing. Be conscious of your influences and inspirations, keep them as that, let your own style and language lead your design and Art. Above all, be fearless, trust the process. Keep on Making.

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Where can people find you? On my website, and by searching “missvelvetcream” on any social media platform. You can find Miss Velvet Cream at Maker Faire Bay Area, and at various events and shows throughout California. I share my projects frequently on social media, and am always open to collaborations and commissioned projects. Feel free to contact me.

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