Custom Circus Dress From Ramonsterwear

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This amazing circus dress from Kathie Sever of Ramonsterwear is a beautiful example of what can happen when a fun, “kooky” client trusts an artist’s instincts and let’s them “go a little wild” with their best ideas. Kathie’s work has always made me swoon, and seeing a custom piece like this that so beautifully melds Sever’s own fantastic style with something that also wowed the client just makes me love her even more. Her attention to detail is phenomenal, and her ability to create a story on wearable fabric is just downright fun. Check out the awesome audience band around the hem of the skirt! She included some images of the sketches she used to create the dress in her Flickr stream, and it’s really fascinating to see how those sketches transformed this beautiful dress.

2 thoughts on “Custom Circus Dress From Ramonsterwear

  1. Jill says:

    Super fun dress. It reminds me of the whimsical dresses Ms. Frizzle wears in the Magic School Bus cartoon!

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