Dan Grayber’s Mechanisms are Autonomous Artworks

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Dan Grayber’s Mechanisms are Autonomous Artworks

Whether clinging to the inside of a bell jar, or outstretched from floor to ceiling, San Francisco-based artist Dan Grayber’s mechanisms have but one purpose: to stay upright. Combining pulleys, bike brake cables, counterweights, and steel framing, Dan writes,

Many of my pieces are small, spring loaded, mechanical objects. They are intricately designed and fabricated to accomplish one of the most simple, yet most essential tasks that an autonomous object can. This task, this need, is that of holding itself up. In most cases, my pieces accomplish this by actively attaching themselves to specific architectural features and individual objects.

Some of Dan’s mechanisms self-install on walls, creating holes like industrial tracks. Others cling to corners or specific architectural features. More artworks can be seen in Grayber’s online portfolio.

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[via Laughing Squid and Juxtapoz]

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