Make A Colorful Scratching Post For Your Cat

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Make A Colorful Scratching Post For Your Cat


Cats are certainly creatures of discriminating taste, so be sure to give them a suitably chic scratching post that they can really appreciate with this colorblocked scratching post tutorial from A Beautiful Mess.

The problem with cat scratching posts is that most of them are pretty, well, boringly hideous. I mean, if I want a piece of furniture that’s going to stand out in my house, I want it to be a cool vintage chair or plant stand, not a dull-looking scratching post. Thankfully, what’s a girl to do when she can’t find what she wants already made? You guessed it, DIY to the rescue!

The construction of a scratching post is pretty straight forward. Basically, you just attach a wooden post to a base and then wrap rope around the post, which is held in place using a staple gun. This tutorial is really about making a scratching post into an appealing object to have in your home by customizing the color of the rope using dye, so that you and your cat can live in the elegant environment you deserve!

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