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Melanie Crownover sent in details about a birthday party for her 6-year-old that featured a theme after my own heart: Lego!
She writes:

Ah yes, Legos! Kids love ’em! I know mine play with them for hours on end, so it was a no-brainer to plan a Lego Builders Birthday Party for my soon-to-be 6-year-old. I figured a two-hour Lego party would fly by, and it certainly did! My goal was to keep the party simple and fun.
Being a busy Mom of two boys, time was not on my side when planning this party (which is nothing new, really), so I had to find efficiencies wherever possible. For example, I spent more time in front of the TV hot-gluing Legos onto wooden frames (because…well…mostly because I like watching TV), but saved time in the kitchen with my No-Bake Lego Cake idea. I melted chocolate in the microwave, rather than running to Target to buy a double-boiler for the Lego Chocolates.
I saved time by ordering the cute little Lego Man Soaps off of Etsy so I could spend more time designing the Lego-themed packaging for them with dry-witted humor that went over the heads of my target audience. But I digress.
Hands-down favorites for the kids were the “Lego Freeze Chambers” with the “Lego Chocolates” running a close second. My personal favorite was the “Lego Frames” because it was fun to make and it’s a party favor that parents might actually keep! Bottom-line, a Lego party is a guaranteed home-run.

LegoBirthday-frames314.jpg LegoBirthday-pinata314.jpg

The party-goers all looked to be having a great time (and enjoying the snacks), and I think the Lego brick piñata is brilliantly executedt! My 8-year-old will be all over this theme, and I bet my 15-year-old will secretly love helping out on all the details!
Melanie has organized all her clever Lego Builder Party details in the following helpful chunks:

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