EMS Labs on the monetary density of things

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EMS Labs on the monetary density of things

If we look at good-quality 1 carat diamonds, we find that they are quite expensive compared to the industrial diamonds we saw earlier. Now, the diamond monopoly hasn’t kept prices quite as high as LSD, however they are doing a very impressive job of trying. LSD doses measure in the micrograms, which makes the per-pound “street value” of the stuff astronomically high.

Today’s piece on Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories compares the relative monetary density of various commodities. Like, did you know that Kopi Luwak coffee is worth its weight in human blood? Good to know!

The monetary density of things

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  1. shoez says:

    Next time, try a logarithmic vertical axis. When the first two data points are indistinguishable from zero, they contain approximately zero information. A DB-style plot would be much more instructive.

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