E.T. Rings Molded From a Toy

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In addition to being a raging space nerd, I’m also a huge E.T. fanatic and collector of E.T. memorabilia. (just check out my laser-etched laptop) When Shannon Larratt shared these awesome E.T. rings he made, I flipped out a little bit on the inside. He moulded them using an E.T. toy and they look delightful. I’d love to have one hanging out on my hand. As a kid (and … ahem … college student) I had my plush E.T. doll on my bed at all times. Nowadays, he’s displayed in my nightstand beside my bed. Having his sweet smiling face as a ring to wear around would be loads of fun.

4 thoughts on “E.T. Rings Molded From a Toy

  1. ABP says:

    Creepy yet cool! I love the 80’s!

  2. Kelly says:

    I was afraid I was the only E.T. fanatic around! Growing up most of my friends didn’t like him or were scared of him, but I always loved E.T. (& all the memorabilia).
    This ring is so amazing…might have to add an E.T. ring to my Christmas list this year!

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