Extreme Craft Maker Faire round-up

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Extreme Craft Maker Faire round-up
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Garth of Extreme Craft had the Zen Paintball booth at Maker Faire and was pleasantly surprised by the parents.

The Zen Paintball booth was a smashing (splatting?) success. I should’ve seen it coming, but I didn’t anticipate that 80% of my paintball artists would be kids! THAT was a great surprise. Claire and I had a blast helping young artists realize that they don’t need a brush or crayons to make art. I like to go on diatribes about how overprotective parents can be. The Maker Faire parents were an entirely different breed. We had parents helping some tiiiiiiny toddlers pull the trigger on the paintball gun. My faith in parenting is restored.

He managed to get out and experience the Faire, too – his write-up is here.