Featured Maker: Ricky Wolbrom

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Featured Maker:  Ricky Wolbrom
turquoise ring.jpg

Ricky Wolbrom of New York City is edmdesigns. She creates one-off and limited-edition jewelry items in the steampunk vein. Shown uppermost is her Steampunk Ring with Turquoise Crystal, which was featured in the February 9 issue of Auxiliary magazine.


Butterfly. Watch parts, cast silver wings.


Steampunk Cuff. Leather, feathers, copper mesh, watch parts, faucet handle.

flight to the past.jpg

Flight to the Past. Findings, watch parts, cast silver skull.

ring peridot.jpg

Steampunk Ring with Peridot Green Crystal. Adjustable filigree ring, vintage Pinstripe watch mechanism, green rhinestone.

glass book.jpg

Hinged Glass Book Pendant. Glass case, gears, watch face.

Ricky herself says:

edmdesigns always strives to create the most innovative and striking Industrial and Steampunk jewelry and accessories available anywhere. Our trend setting creations raise the bar for Steampunk fashion…We know that people who are serious about the items they buy and the fashion they wear will not be disappointed with our cutting edge creations.

You can see many, many more of Ricky’s original pieces in edmdesigns’ Makers Market store.

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  1. DavidJennifer says:

    Whoa! I am thrilled to see such massive metallic jewelry pieces. These images have landed me in the fiction world of Titans. The steam punk olive green peridot ring looks incredibly remarkable. I have never imagined these delicate crystals to be fitted in such heavy metals and give a technological feel when worn. This is a fantastical collection of hardcore metal jewelry.