Costumes, Driveable Tanks, and electroBOOM at Maker Faire Calgary

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Costumes, Driveable Tanks, and electroBOOM at Maker Faire Calgary

This weekend Maker Faire Calgary will be celebrating its 6th year. This Faire started in 2012 and has been going strong ever since. While this has long been one of the “faires to watch,” it will be my first time venturing up into Canada for a Maker Faire.

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Since this Maker Faire happens to also coincide with the Halloween weekend, there should be an exceptional amount of fun and spooky costumes. I noticed that they even worked it into the call for Makers. There’s a specific request for people to show up in costume so this should be really fun and result in some great pictures. I can’t wait!

I’ve been talking to the producers and they’ve got a fantastic lineup this year. Everything from colorful tapestries to flying robots. Here are a few of the things I’m particularly excited to see.

The USS Sulaco

This is a work-in-progress by Cliff Erasmus. The USS Sulaco was an infamous space ship from the movie Aliens. Cliff is recreating a 1/350th scale model from scratch, using only photos and screenshots from the movie for reference.

Mini Tank

Garnet Galenzoski will be bringing his small scale tanks to the event. He has a few to choose from that rank from 1/5 to 2/3 scale. What is particularly fun is that the 2/3 scale Sherman (pictured above) is actually driveable!


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Mehdi Sadaghdar mixes goofy clumsiness with educational content on YouTube. Blasting past 1 million subscribers, Mehdi has shown that you can be silly and a teacher at the same time.

Illicit Metalworks

Jason Steppler, with Illicit Metalworks, brings the heat! They’ll be demonstrating the process of building and using a backyard foundry. Molten metal makes Maker Faire magnificent!

League of Extraordinary Makers (LEXM)

The LEXM is a collection of extremely talented makers that gather like the guilds of the Renaissance. They’re showing off the incredible work of Jeff de Boer, Cory Barkman, Christine Pedersen, Cameron Farn, Reinhold Pinter, and Eddie Jaworenko.

There will be so many fascinating things from this group, ranging from painting to sculpture and from mechanical art to armor making.

Maker Faire Calgary will be happening this Saturday and Sunday (October 28th & 29th) at the Spruce Meadows Equi-plex. Get your tickets now!

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