Crushing Cars Like Empty Cans With The Massive “Hand Of Man”

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Crushing Cars Like Empty Cans With The Massive “Hand Of Man”
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At Maker Faire New York this year, there was an abundance of incredible things to witness and interact with. However, one item in particular seemed to dominate the social media feeds we saw, and that was Christian Ristow’s interactive sculpture “Hand of Man”.

To experience this, you sit in a seat that is lifted high above the crowd. You slide your arm into a glove like device covered in hand shaped metal bars and hastily wired switches, and you take control of the massive hydraulic appendage. Your goal? To lift, crush, and drop a car.

Describing the experience simply doesn’t do it full justice. It is, simply put, awesome. This video can help set the tone a little bit better, however when you’re there in person, there is a natural and quite visceral reaction to hearing the rending metal and feeling the thud of the car impacting the ground.


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