Maker Spotlight: Balam Soto

Art & Sculpture Craft & Design
Maker Spotlight: Balam Soto

Name: Balam Soto
City: Hartford, Connecticut
Makerspace: His studio
Day Job: Owner of Balam Soto Studio and Open Wire Lab LLC

Balam Soto photo

Electronics : Art : Coding : Sculpture

A native of Guatemala, Balam was a painter before he discovered the potential of mixing technology into his art, and began to experiment with interactivity. Balam is a New Media Artist who creates incredible artistic installations that feature interactivity and a fusion of high and low tech, fueled by his custom hardware and software. His pieces often feel like science fiction, with other-worldly elements of light and sound.

“I make because I love innovation; it provides me with an avenue to integrate my knowledge and ideas into a tangible project. Every day, I look forward to that next challenge. I love when I hit walls and have to figure out a technical solution. It’s awful while I’m stuck, but when I find the answer, new possibilities open up.”

Balam taught himself English by translating archeology books when he came to America back in the late 1990s. His most recent project, a collaboration with Farmington High School students, is an interactive map of Farmington, Connecticut.


You can find Balam around the web on
His Website  |  Open Wire Lab  |  Facebook  |  Twitter

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