2018’s Rosie the Riveter Is a 6 Foot Tall Crowdsourced Sculpture

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Rosie the Riveter is getting a 6 foot tall crowd sourced homage, thanks to We The Builders. This iconic image of empowered women has been sculpted by Jen Schachter, then 3D scanned and ripped into bite-sized pieces. You can download a piece, 3D print it in your home then ship it to We The Builders who will assemble the statue at NomCon this June in Santa Fe.

Anyone can participate as long as you have access to a 3D printer. You can find the files on the We The Builders site. All that they ask is that you choose a skin tone to use for this sculpture (previous ones could be any color at all). They’ve provided an example image of some skin tones for you to check out.

To assist in getting this done, Matterhackers and DeltaMaker are both offering discounts if you use the code found on the project page.

There is a strong message of inclusiveness and empowerment in this project. Sharing diverse stories and influences is just as much of a focus as building the sculpture itself.

Diverse women and non-binary makers, we want to hear from you! We know the popular image of Rosie the Riveter doesn’t represent the wide spectrum of identities of today’s makers. We need your voices to help us reimagine Rosie, and shape a new narrative about who she could and should be. This piece of the project is just as important as the sculpture itself. Follow along on social media at #wetherosies and check out some of the inspiring makers who have shared their story!

Use your phone or camera to share your story, responding to these 2 prompts in a short video:

Rosie is often seen as a symbol of women’s empowerment: How does the act of making empower you?

We recognize the complicated history and symbolism of Rosie in terms of who she did and did not represent. Who would Rosie the Riveter be in 2018?

Post your video to social media: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube using the hashtags: #wetherosies #wethebuilders #nomcon . You can also share your photos on our Facebook Page or on Twitter with #wethebuilders!

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