Flashback: Pool Noodle Flower Curtain

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Flashback: Pool Noodle Flower Curtain

With summer right around the corner, pool noodles are all over the place. It’s the perfect chance to repurpose the floaty tubes in to a whimsical flower curtain. Our flashback project for this week is from Jessica Wilson, and has always been a fan favorite.

By Jessica Wilson
When I was a kid we didn’t have pool noodles, we had boogie boards. While boogie boards were very cool in their own 1980s way, they were not nearly as versatile as the candy-colored pool noodle. There are all kinds of nifty things you can do with a pool noodle. You can float on them, build with them, turn them into swords and lightsabers, and even make nifty gear-styled walls, all sorts of fun things.
You know summer is almost upon us once the pool noodle pops up everywhere. From fancy-schmancy flower- and star-shaped noodles to your regular old round noodle, they are ridiculously easy to find. Once summer ends, though, you’re left with a slightly squished and has-been candy-colored thingamajig. Don’t throw it away — turn it into a lightsaber, car wash, or sword, or follow along with me to turn a pair of noodles into some nifty room decor.


Pool noodles (2 or more)
Serrated knife
Long needle
Thread or fishing line
Pony beads
Pushpins, small nails, or extension curtain rod


Pretty With Pool Noodles Step1
Step 1: Grab yourself a pool noodle and a serrated knife and get to cutting it to bits. Slice through as you would a loaf of crusty bread, making slices about 2″ thick. Repeat for each noodle. The more colors you have, the merrier.
Pretty With Pool Noodles Step2
Step 2: Thread your needle with a length of thread or fishing line that is at least 4′ long. We’re going to make a “beaded curtain” for a doorway. If you feel extra adventurous, allow your cord to run from floor to ceiling. You’ll need at least 4 lengths of cord.
Pretty With Pool Noodles Step3
Step 3: Thread a button or pony bead onto your cord. Knot and/or loop your cord through the bead at the end twice. This will be your anchor. Now you’re ready to strand up your noodle slices.
Pretty With Pool Noodles Step4
Step 4: Decide on a pattern and poke your needle through a slice of noodle from top to bottom so that the shape of the slice is oriented up and down. If you have a star-shaped slice, you’ll want to see the star shape with the cord running through from bottom to top. This is where you might find that a thimble comes in handy.
Pretty With Pool Noodles Step5
Step 5: If you wish to make your curtain entirely of noodle slices, continue threading until you’re almost to the top of your cord. You’ll want a tail of about 6″ so that you can anchor the strand to the doorway or a tension rod. Repeat for 3 (or more) lengths of cord. To make it a bit more fancy and to get more bang for your buck, thread a noodle slice then a pony bead, looping your cord through the bead to anchor it. Then, thread another bead onto the cord about 4″ up from the previous bead. Loop the cord though that bead twice to anchor it in place, and add your next slice. Repeat until you reach the top (don’t forget to leave a 6″ tail).
Pretty With Pool Noodles Step6
Step 6: Repeat the “beading” process until all your cords are prettified. Two noodles will make for many strands, so feel free to load them up. You can turn your leftover slices into stamps for paint (kids love this), or pop your stray pins into a slice for an instant pincushion.
Pretty With Pool Noodles Step7B
Step 7: The easiest way to bedazzle your doorway or window is to simply tie a knot at the end of your cord then push a pushpin though the knot into the underside of the top of the doorframe. Repeat for each strand, stand back and admire!
Pretty With Pool Noodles Step7A
Step 8: To make your curtain a tad bit more anchored, loop each 6″ tail around an adjustable-tension rod at even intervals. Knot to secure, and slide the rod into the doorframe. Stand back and admire! See? Easy-peasy and quite pretty to boot! You can also hang these as a garland for party decor, it’s your choice. Have fun!
About the Author:
Author Jessicawilson
Jessica Wilson is most happily known as ‘jek in the box’ and spends most of her time crafting it up and taking pictures. She can often be found standing on benches over on Flickr and creating all sorts of kiddie crafts on her blog scrumdilly-do! She lives a life of scrumdillydilly and loves to share.

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