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I’m a type nerd who loves hand stitching, so I’m utterly grateful for Jessica of How About Orange posting links to these free “stitched” fonts. Can’t wait to use them and get crafty even when I’m on the computer!

4 thoughts on “Free Stitched Fonts

  1. Faith Shido says:

    Hi there,
    I guess I am of the old school regarding embroidery. I used to buy embroidery kits w/the designs and wording already stamped on the fabric. I would do baby bibs, blankets, etc. however, this brings me to my question in regards to free fonts.
    How do you transfer these fonts onto the fabric? Must I use some sort of transfer paper and do every little “x”?
    Would appreciate any transfer tips/directions you might have in your craft bags :)
    Grandma Faith

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