Giant Flaming Feathers Awe Maker Faire Crowd

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Photo of Angel of the Apocalypse feathers.
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Featured at the 10th annual Maker Faire Bay Area.

It’s just not a Maker Faire without a flame-firing sculpture. Thankfully, year after year, the renowned Bay Area arts organization Flaming Lotus Girls have provided the Faire with unforgettable interactive fire art.

This year, fairgoers entering through the West gate were greeted with the flaming feathers from a larger Flaming Lotus Girls piece titled Angel of the Apocalypse. The two curved iron towers stretched into the air, shooting bursts of flames when triggered by buttons mounted on a nearby podium.

Participants are encouraged to count to ten before pressing the pair of trigger buttons. This allows the chamber of propane to fill to capacity, maximizing the size of the flames and the size of smiles on people passing by.


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