Fire Art

Weekend Watch: Painting With Gunpowder

These animal illustrations don’t become art until they go up in flames — that’s what happens when you sketch with gunpowder.

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The Essential Spare Parts for Any Fire Project

Trying to get a flame effect operating without appropriate parts is too dangerous to be worthwhile. So pack these essential spare parts.

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Painting Gorgeous Colors onto Copper Using Only An Open Flame

Watch as metalworking artist Philip Cook demonstrates his skill with “painting” brilliant colors onto copper with a blowtorch.

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Photo of Angel of the Apocalypse feathers.

Giant Flaming Feathers Awe Maker Faire Crowd

It’s just not a Maker Faire without a flame-firing sculpture. Thankfully, year after year, the renowned Bay Area arts organization Flaming Lotus Girls have provided the Faire with unforgettable interactive fire art. This year, fairgoers entering through the West gate were greeted with the flaming feathers from a larger Flaming Lotus Girls piece titled Angel […]

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