Hand-Appliqued Morrissey Blanket

Craft & Design

I am blown away by this awesome hand-appliqued Morrissey blanket from Claire at Poopscape. Here’s what she has to say about it:

I made this ridiculously huge (7′ x 5′) fleece blanket with Morrissey hand-appliqued on it for a show at the Joanna. I was going to make it into a Snuggie, but I thought the armholes/sleeves wouldn’t look all that great without someone modeling it during the opening.

4 thoughts on “Hand-Appliqued Morrissey Blanket

  1. lovelorn says:

    that would somehow fullfil my lifelong dream of sleeping with morrissey

  2. Belletulipe says:

    This would really make my life complete

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