How-To: Cuddly Minecraft Creeper Doll

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How-To: Cuddly Minecraft Creeper Doll


This plush toy created by Instructables member DucttapeNinja takes the iconic Minecraft Creeper character and shows its soft side.

Since I have not caught onto the Minecraft mania, I had to look up exactly what a Creeper was and the explanation is not very nice!

Creepers are an aggressive, hostile mob in Minecraft. They are the most iconic mob in Minecraft. Like other aggressive mobs, they spawn in darkness, but unlike other mobs, they will not burn in sunlight. They will silently move toward the player if close enough, and will prefer to ambush the player, usually falling off a ledge above and exploding.


So for all those who enjoy a little dark humor, perhaps this plushie is for you! There are several cubes and rectangular prisms to build in this project, but it is all straight stitching. This is definitely doable for someone who is still new to sewing, and can be created with or without a sewing machine.


Get the pattern and all the steps to make your very own Creeper here.

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