How-To: Diaper And Wipes Clutch

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When I first pulled up this snazzy looking clutch post on my computer, I was confused … “Why does it say ‘poopy clutch?’ Is that a typo?” And then I realized, this wasn’t some super classy clutch for a night on the town, it’s a beautiful and practical clutch for holding diapers and wipes for quick changes when you’re out with your kids. Brilliant! Melissa of I Still Love You shares her pattern for a leather or vinyl envelope-style diaper clutch, with scallop edge and fabric variations. [via PapernStitch]

2 thoughts on “How-To: Diaper And Wipes Clutch

  1. thrifted says:

    I looooove this. Those scallops are adorable.
    I’m more of a giant-purse person, so I can usually consolidate my packables with the baby’s, but if I ever get the urge to be dainty I’ll make this.

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