How-To: Make Your Own Panties

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I’ve always loved the cute handmade panties made and sold by Belle and Burger here in Austin. Now, she’s shared a tutorial for whipping up your own drawers from old t-shirts!

4 thoughts on “How-To: Make Your Own Panties

  1. jd in st louis says:

    MAKE THEM!!! when i was first pregnant almost 32 yrs ago – yeah, i’m old – my mom sewed me 8 pairs of panties. i STILL wear them. they are so comfy! i strongly suggest using good quality lingerie fabrics, especially any lace. use stretch lace. these were cut for my pregnant body. wore them thru 4 pregnancies – then with the last 2 being C-sections – i lost my waist and gained a body that looks about 6 months preggers most of the time. i pulled these things out again about 10 yrs ago and have been wearing them daily ever since. only have 4 pairs somehow. they are so wonderful. since i have wide hips but fairly small legs, store bought panties often have leg openings that are just too large. hike up on me. my home made panties are the best ever. i still have the pattern my mom used (somewhere) and even some of the fabrics – did i say we’re all packrats??

  2. prakash says:


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