How-To: Transform Vases with Yarn

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CRAFT: Cozy Up to Yarn

Lion Brand Yarn

It’s really quick and easy to transform some ordinary and inexpensive vases into beautiful pieces with some yarn and some glue. I love collecting yarns, and this is a great way to use the end of a skein, without having to knit!



Hot glue gun


Step 1: Use the hot glue gun to put a tiny smidge of glue on the bottom corner of the vase. Set the end of the yarn into the glue until it sets.
Step 2: Stretch the yarn taught, and then add a second dab of glue onto the next corner. Glue the yarn to the next 2 corners, so that the strand is secured along the bottom of the vase.
Step 3: Wrap the yarn around the vase, tugging it tightly, and being sure not to overlap it. As you wrap more and more yarn around the vase, use your thumbs to press them down on top of one another. You should be able to completely cover the vase with very little glass showing through.
Step 4: When the vase is covered in yarn, and you are ready to wrap the last edge, add a bit of glue to the corner and press the yarn into it. Then stretch the yarn to the next 3 corners of the vase, gluing as you go.
Step 5: Cut the yarn, leaving about 1/2″ as a tail. Lift up the other strands of yarn, and tuck the tail underneath. I used my fingers to hold up the yarn, and the pointy tip of my Fiskars to press the tail under.

4 thoughts on “How-To: Transform Vases with Yarn

  1. Jen says:

    Love this project! What’s the brand and colorway of the green yarn you used, it’s beautiful! Good job. :0)

  2. Brookelynn says:

    Yay! I totally went to the yarnshop, and wrote down the colorway for the PINK one instead of the green! I’ll ask again asap! Sorry my brain malfunctioned on that one completely!

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