IKEA-Hacked Hamster Home

Craft & Design

This hamster home, hacked from an IKEA Expedit bookcase, is amazing. Martina created the hamster mansion complete with loads of space for running, and even a compartment filled with bedding in which her pet can burrow (all while she watches through a glass window). I better make sure our pet rat, Reese, doesn’t see this or he’s going to be awfully jealous …. [via Apartment Therapy and IKEA Hacker]

8 thoughts on “IKEA-Hacked Hamster Home

  1. Lauren Bee says:

    It looks gorgeous. What a fun idea.

  2. Kim says:

    I wonder how good the airflow is with that setup?
    I love the idea though.

  3. katswan says:

    LOVE IT, but I would hate to clean it!
    Happy, Happy Hamster!

  4. Hamster Care says:

    I bet this luxury house is going to cost a lot.
    And I definitely agreed with katswan, it is good to have
    it, but hate to clean it. LOL

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