This Laser-Cut Wallet Is Sold as a DIY Kit

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This Laser-Cut Wallet Is Sold as a DIY Kit


If you didn’t already have enough reason to really want a laser cutter, here’s another: a beautifully cut wallet. Sure, you could probably use heavy scissors to make this, but Mat Thorne and Devin Montgomery instead use this more elegant cutter for a more civilized age. It also seems to produce a more civilized edge than scissors.

They make these wallets as kits, and they illustrate the process in the imgur link above (or check out the abbreviated version in the gallery below). The wallets start out as goat skin leather which is cut into strips. A laser then does its work to cut out the patterns. This results in repeatable wallet components that are then sewn together to make a holder for your cash and cards.

Thorne and Montgomery first learned to work with leather in Boy Scouts, but haven’t been extremely involved in the leather world until recently. Montgomery thought of the wallet design originally, but ideas were bounced around between the two, resulting in the wallet you see today.

If you don’t want (or have the tools required) to cut your own wallet, they sell them on as kits. The recipient just has to sew and burnish it.

[via Reddit]

3 thoughts on “This Laser-Cut Wallet Is Sold as a DIY Kit

  1. David Gross says:

    This is awesome, and looks a lot like Thread and Leather’s tri-fold wallet [ ]. I can attest to how easy it is to assemble a kit wallet like this (I’ve assembled 6 from Thread and Leather as gifts) and would totally recommend it.

  2. Stewart DeMarco says:

    I would not buy ANYTHING Devon Montgomery is involved with. He is a cheat and liar and owes many many people money from a kickstarter campaign that he abandoned! BEWARE!

    1. dsmontgomery says:

      Wow Stewart, I don’t know what to say. That project is still being regularly updated. I can’t tell if you’re a backer, but if you are you would have just gotten the latest earlier this morning.

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