Laser Cutting Acrylic Origami

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Laser Cutting Acrylic Origami

LaserOrigami uses selective focusing and defocusing of the laser to achieve different effects, allowing users to fold acrylic in the laser. First the laser makes the actual cuts, then the laser is defocused (pulling it back so the heat is distributed over a wider surface) and proceeds to soften the acrylic, and gravity does the bending.

A work by Stefanie Mueller, Bastian Kruck, and Patrick Baudisch, LaserOrigami was demonstrated at Paris’s CHI2013 symposium on computer-human interaction. It’s an amazing demo, but what do you think about it’s practicality? [Thanks, Jude!]

2 thoughts on “Laser Cutting Acrylic Origami

  1. bonooobong says:

    awesome stuff! I really like this kind of interactive fabrication, these kind of hacks could be applied in open-source 3D printers as well! (I mean lifting up the tool, brushing etc.)

  2. DonjiYD says:

    Its amazingly practical. I can’t wait for this to be an actual product.

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