Laura Marsden’s knitted street signs

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Now that I know how to use a knitting machine, my neighborhood is going to get a lot more festive. Canadian artist Laura Marsden made the ones above. Via Craft.

8 thoughts on “Laura Marsden’s knitted street signs

  1. Jared says:

    Let’s cover up retroreflective street signs that can be seen in the dark with these knit abominations. What a terrible and dangerous idea.

  2. Norm says:

    Wouldn’t it be crazy to change all the street names around too! It subverts the directionality of the partiarchal destinationist travel construct, and it’s knitted! I’m gonna go make me some duct tape stop sign covers.

  3. Laura Marsden’s knitted street signs bekathwia says:

    @Jared they’re not covering Stop signs or anything! But regardless, I wish they made retroreflective yarn! =] Maybe Norm could make his duct tape versions out of reflective tape.

  4. zander -street sign lover says:

    I am a street sign lovers and when i saw your this post ,i really liked these pics of Street signs.

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