Machine Art: Viking Longship

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Machine Art: Viking Longship
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The nameplate in the video attributes Steampunk Voyager to Forrest Burnett, who otherwise seems to be a bit of a ghost, online. I’m not even sure this video was posted under his YouTube account, since there is different user forrestburnett with a channel that seems to be documenting original kinetic sculptures.  In any case, it’s beautiful work.

If anybody has a better link for Forrest, please let me know, below.

[via Dug North]

4 thoughts on “Machine Art: Viking Longship

  1. Pr. Shadoko says:

    Very nice, obviously based on a real steam engine by Wilesco:

    The machinery built around it is just awesome.

  2. Luis says:

    Aww man, wish is was under steam!

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