Make: Believe // Special Effects Scar Makeup Tutorial

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Make: Believe // Special Effects Scar Makeup Tutorial
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In this installment of Make: Believe, we learn how to make a few simple scars using special effects makeup. This is a great first project to get into costume makeup. Join us as our intern Paloma Fautley exhibits these techniques on our Creative Director, Jason Babler.

Liquid Latex
Scar Wax
Assorted Eye Shadow Colors
Spirit Gum
Spirit Gum Remover

Makeup Brushes
Cosmetic Sponges


8 thoughts on “Make: Believe // Special Effects Scar Makeup Tutorial

  1. 0xfred says:

    I’ve got a very similar looking scar on the back of my hand right now. Mine was much quicker and easier to do though. The unfocused beam from a 40W CO2 laser cutter can create it for you in a just few milliseconds!

    1. asciimation says:

      Ouch! My back of the hand scar was done with a grinding wheel on an angle grinder!

  2. steve b says:

    Loved the tutorial!! Will have to add this to my “arsenal”…wonder if caramel would work better for a deeper looking wound than the petroleum jelly???

  3. Allen Credo says:

    Cool! Nice and easy tutorial. I can make this one myself for a zombie look. Does the materials irritate the skin?

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