Making Your Own Foam Cutting Table

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Making Your Own Foam Cutting  Table

One of the YouTube modeling channels I’ve been watching a lot recently is Boulder Creek Railroad, an extremely well-done series where an Aussie model-maker and model train enthusiast, named Luke Towan, creates terrain, buildings, vehicles, and other components for his impressive train layout. Luke’s videos are well put-together and he is extremely precise and methodical in documenting his builds.

In this video, Luke shows you how to build a professional-quality foam cutting table (think: band saw for Styrofoam) using little more than commonly-available hardware/home store lumber and hardware and a PWM dimming controller you can get online for under $10. In the video description, he includes a complete Bill of Materials for putting one together yourself.

Anyone who does a lot of foam cutting wants a device like this. While pro-level units cost over US$100, you can get cheap ones online for around $40. You’re not likely to save money by making your own, but it will allow you to create the size table you want and add any other custom features you might desire (e.g. an angle-adjustable fence). And… you will have made it yourself!


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