Noys Toise Circuit-Bending Documentary

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Noys Toise Circuit-Bending Documentary


This documentary, filmed by Craig Mederios, details the work of Tanner Galvin who creates electronic musical instruments out of broken toys.

8 thoughts on “Noys Toise Circuit-Bending Documentary

  1. chuck says:

    Yay! More of this please. I have a Vtech Apple talking toy that I’m itching to hack into an optical punch card reader so it will say things like ‘Y R U D NME? I M N ND DJ. I XL N XS. Y R U NVS?’ Ahhh… one of these days.

  2. cottewmitch says:

    SO cool. I love his work. I’ve done a few bends and mods, even tried to art out some old toys like him…. so cool

  3. terrefirma says:

    What a role model! If you want to quit your day job and move to Tampa, I’ll subsidize you to start a maker space.

    1. chuck says:

      Hey another Tampa maker! Give me a shout at the Tampa Bay Mini Maker Faire. I’m Chuck and I make analog generative noise devices. I’ll be showing my ‘noise zoo’ at the faire and doing a basic synth circuit workshop. I’m always up for meeting like minded folks.

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