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Your Crafty Comments
Here at CRAFT, the only thing we love more than coming up with great projects and features and finding the coolest crafts to share with you is hearing back on how those projects affected you. We get the best comments here on the blog and through Facebook and Twitter, and we’ve decided to share some of our favorites with you each week. Enjoy, and thanks for being the best readers and community ever!
In response to Katie’s column on creating your own visual library of nature’s textures:

I love nature’s textures and really love that you can collect them through photography. I often apply natural elements into my design too. Awesome captures! -malathipkriheli

Reader, pattyP, shares additional tips to Susan Beal’s post on incorporating recycling in to your gardening:

I love the cloche idea with the bike rims!
One recycling idea I have used since the days AOL would send me a CD everyday in the mail is to hang old CD’s and DVD’s in the garden to scare away birds and rabbits. They really flash as they spin in the sunlight, which is very pretty to me but seems to deter the pests from eating the seeds I plant. This is the same concept of hanging aluminum pie plates in the garden for the same reason, but finally gives use to otherwise useless disks. [Indeed! Brookelyn made this great garden reflector from old CDs!]

Reader, Chic Cookies, shared her thoughts on the plush G.I. Tract made for a Crohn’s patient.

I lost my colon to UC about 15 years ago (oh my, 15 years?) so I totally feel for her friend. Bravo for the levity! Friends with senses of humor help more than you can imagine!

Over on Facebook, folks had a lot of fun reminiscing with the Fraggle Rock Doozer Knitting video. I loved this comment from Cynthia:

My knitting circle gal pals are getting a kick out of this post! Especially the line “knit three drop four, pitch that knittin’ right out the door!” He must have been working on toe-up-socks

I admit, I laughed out loud when I read this comment from Kristine in regard to the Betty White cake post (you have to watch the NPR Delicious Dish sketch to get it … )

Shouldn’t that be on a muffin?

We also had some fantastic responses to Nat’s call for sharing your sewing projects on our Facebook page. Here are a couple of our favorites:

Avatar characters
from Katharina.
Pink fabric yo-yo dress from Craftster user, elvissatx.

I loved this skirt from Twitter user, cernest, who used our Reversible Skirt Pattern to make her own cute skirt!

have I told you yet about the reversible skirt I made myself for my birthday? (thanks to @craft for the pattern)

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