5 Ways to Reach Out and Touch Minecraft

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Today, Microsoft chose a very fun way to show off their new Hololens augmented reality technology. They did what many of us fantasize about doing and brought Minecraft to a table top in front of them. Unfortunately, none of us can get our hands on this amazingly cool “holographic display,” but there are several really cool ways that you can bring Minecraft to life in your own home!

Control Electronics from Within Minecraft


In this project, you can learn how to use trip wires in Minecraft to set off real world alarms. The most obvious applications are simple warnings when someone comes near your home, but you could really take this idea so much further. Your imagination is truly the limit!

Sew a Minecraft Creeper Doll


Who wouldn’t want to snuggle a creeper? Well, this one looks comfortable enough for a lazy afternoon snooze on the sofa. Here are the full plans so that you can sew your own creeper.

Perler Bead Minecraft Sprites

minecraft hama perler melty melt beads plastic easy kids craft creepers zombies swords diamond enderman bricks (1)

Perler beads are such a fantastic way to get your Minecraft fix. They’re so easy to work with that even beginners can create fantastic things. You don’t even need a pattern to get started, you can just place them by eye and have fun! The simple nature of Minecraft makes improvising these creations very easy.

Easy Minecraft Cake


Playing with a Minecraft toy is nowhere near as fun as eating one! Here you can learn how to make a fantastic Minecraft cake, complete with jello “water!” Keep it simple or build an entire edible empire! The choice is yours.

Papercraft Minecraft1387933421674

Papercraft is a fantastic way to bring games to life. It is so cheap to get involved with and requires so few materials. Just print a template, cut, and glue, and you’ve got a fun video game character or set. Pixelpapercraft is packed full of templates of characters, environments, and even animals from Minecraft. Choosing which one to build may be the hardest part!

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