AXM Paper Space Scale Models

Paper Crafts

It’s been established that I am a full-on space geek, and when I was a kid, I remember building a scale plastic model of the space shuttle fondly. The orbiter of said model still hangs above my desk today (the solid rocket boosters, external fuel tank and crawler are all long gone). These amazing scale models, made completely of paper, have me itching to build a new shuttle model for my collection. The orbiter pictured above (Endeavour) holds special meaning for me. I just learned that I’ll be covering the launch of Endeavour in February for MAKE Magazine. Aside from a privilege to share the experience, information and stories with our readers, it’s a life dream achieved. I’ve wanted to see a shuttle launch since I was 10 years old. Think I can whip one of these models up before the launch? [via Geek Crafts and my Space Tweep pal, @ageekmom]

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