Celebrating X-Men: Days of Future Past with Cardboard

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Celebrating X-Men: Days of Future Past with Cardboard
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Comic Book Nerds rejoice! 2014 looks like it’s going to be an outstanding year for comic book-based movies, cartoons and television shows. Personally, I am stoked and excited for X-Men: Days of Future Past which will hit theaters in May. I have always been a long time X-Men fan since childhood and it will be interesting to see Hollywood’s interpretation of the classic Chris Claremont and John Byrne storyline.

To get us all in the spirit, I created a couple of X-Men based craft concepts that can be made easily within the comfort of home. The first of which is a bare-bones jack-in-the-box concept featuring our favorite bad-ass mutant, Wolverine. The jack-in-the-box utilizes a dowel based pulley system encompassing a makeshift crank and bungee cord to force open a cardboard box with a folded Wolverine cut-out inside.

The second concept is based on Kitty Pryde – also known as Shadowcat. For those of your unfamiliar with this character, Kitty’s power allows her to pass through solid objects. Walls and doors mean nothing to a girl who can walk through them at will. Therefore, I thought it would be fun to create an optical illusion cut-out standee of Kitty walking through a door. A very easy technique which will look awesome on any surface.

Happy creating everyone and have fun with your inner super-powered mutant!

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