DiResta: Book Binding

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DiResta: Book Binding
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I have been binding my note books for several years. As I often do, I take shortcuts compared to the traditional way. In this video, I follow the traditional method for making a book with “signatures.”

I developed a few tricks along the way. A signature is like a tiny magazine inside of the book, and several signatures make up the book body. You can watch me use a method to sew the signatures together, a technique I found on YouTube! This book is made up of 10 signatures in total, with 7 pieces of paper in each. Seventy individual pieces of parchment 8.5″×11″ paper, folded in half, makes 140 pages in the book, and 280 page sides. Enjoy!


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  1. John says:

    Where can I find how to learn the sewing technique used in the video?

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