Disney Princess Cupcakes

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Disney Princess Cupcakes


Planning a Disney Princess party for a little girl you know? These paper cupcake toppers with piped icing are sure to impress you guests both young and old.

To create that lovely puffy dress texture, you will need to use a petal tip with a piping bag. This is a great opportunity to get into cake decorating if you’ve never had the chance. You will be able to create professional looking desserts by using pastry tips in place of a regular spatula. It is a lot of fun, but be warned, the world of sugar craft can be quite addicting, especially when it comes to buying all the specialized tools.



To create the princess cut out, put the words “Disney Princess” into your favorite image search engine and you’ll come up with something like the picture here. Scale it to the size you need, print, and cut around the shape up to the waist. Tape your cut out onto a food safe skewer, and insert it into your iced cupcake.

These adorable desserts were spotted over on Erica’s Sweet Tooth. Head on over to see how she made hers.

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