Disney’s Haunted Mansion Printable Game Download

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Disney’s Haunted Mansion Printable Game Download

The Haunted Mansion at Disney World (and Land) was always one of my very favorite rides in the Magic Kingdom. I loved rolling past the mirrors that changed as you looked in, clunking through the graveyard with ghosts zooming around, and gliding through the ballroom while ghostly figures danced to fancy music. I have very vivid memories of the Haunted Mansion, so I was giddy to see that Disney is offering a limited edition printable version of Escape From Haunted Mansion as a game on their web site. You can download all the parts, pieces and instructions this week only (October 25 – 31) and fold, glue, and assemble the set to play on your own. Via Folding Trees.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve just found this mansion game, downloaded what there was on the site and realised there is only part of the game available! Does anyone have the rest of the files? I wanted to make it for Christmas day!

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