Dollar Store Hack: The Hunger Games Gold Collectible Plate

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Dollar Store Hack: The Hunger Games Gold Collectible Plate
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Does anyone out there remember the passion people had in acquiring collectible decorative plates back in the 80s, 90s and early 2000s? Names like The Bradford Exchange, The Franklin Mint and Royal Doulton were pumping out limited edition decorative plates destined for the dining room hutch and our parents’ ‘do not touch anything on there’ tables everywhere. Ah, those were the days!

Since that time, collectible plates have lost a lot of their luster as sought after collectibles due to over-production. However, there’s still a unique allure to having a fancy looking artistic display piece you will never ever eat food off of. To me at least, collectible plates still have a niche appeal to them.

After discovering my local dollar store sells real tempered plates for $2 apiece, I decided the time had come to create a one-of-a-kind decorative plate based on a more personalized sense of style, versus the over-produced dust collectors that killed the collectible plate market in the first place.

My first collectible/decorative plate is a homage to The Hunger Games and Jennifer Lawrence’s iconic character Katniss Everdeen.

I will honestly say that I do greatly enjoy The Hunger Games franchise. I was surprised how much I enjoyed watching the first installment after my young niece dragged me to the theater kicking and screaming (I was still traumatized from the forced Twilight movie outing nightmare). But now thanks to my bragging niece, I love The hunger Games and was excited to make my first collectible plate about the strong and respectable Katniss character!

Making a collectible plate is ridiculously easy! Just get a quality dollar store plate (sounds like an oxymoron, but they do exist now), spray paint of the color you want and create an image on your computer. Spray paint the plate and while it dries, print the image, place double-sided tape on the back, cut out and stick down on the plate. Easy-peasy!

The finished plate will look gorgeous and will make a great personalized gift for Christmas. This technique can be used to make a collectible plate about anything your heart desires.

So happy designing and let’s fill that hutch or shelf with some amazing and personalized one-of-a-kind masterpieces!

11 thoughts on “Dollar Store Hack: The Hunger Games Gold Collectible Plate

  1. Adam Eyring says:

    Decoupage with white glue could improve this by hiding the paper edges. Otherwise, nice job!

    1. Derek Tombrello says:

      I didn’t think about decoupage, but I was going to suggest at least a coat of clear gloss to protect the image. Very nice, though!

      1. Homemadegameguru . says:

        There are many ways to produce a beautiful finished plate and you both mention good ideas. I actually decided to clear coat the plate a few days later to protect the paper artwork. Thanks for viewing

        1. Kevin G says:

 Hey wanted to mention you try this. I use it to make paper clock face and it works like a dream.

          1. Homemadegameguru . says:

            Looks interesting. Might try it out in a future craft. Thanks for sharing Kevin

  2. George Carlson says:

    This would be a piece of cake using a cutter like the Sillhouette Cameo. You could make the print on an Avery full sheet label, cut it with the Sillhouette, and stick it on. Decoupage such as Mod Podge would help.

  3. Johnny Gnash says:

    Well done! The finished piece looks great. As has been mentioned, a shot of acrylic clear coat might look good. (I use a Krylon product to seal and clear coat my papier mache projects.)

    Anyway, thanks for sharing this!

    1. Homemadegameguru . says:

      Thanks Johnny. The acrylic clear coat is definitely recommended as the finishing touch to protect the image. I probably have the exact same Krylon clear coat in my workshop

  4. hemphaus says:

    Cool post!

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