Postcard + Garden = PostCarden

Gardening Paper Crafts

I’m swooning over these awesome postcard gardens from PostCarden. They arrive ready to open, plant and grow and come in three distinct styles (allotment, city or botanical). The stop-motion video shows the entire process, and you can see pictures of each PostCarden on their web site gallery. [via Benevolent Postcard Society]

6 thoughts on “Postcard + Garden = PostCarden

  1. JessA says:

    It’s like an adorable chia pet!

  2. jennit says:

    this is really cool, I wish it was available in the US

  3. ann says:

    Hello Craftzine,
    In case you want to add it to your current post, has Postcarden for retail sale in the USA, $12.95. Postcarden is scheduled to arrive April 6 and will ship quickly after. We are currently taking backorders.
    Yes, I work for B5+10.

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