Photo Booth Fun House Picture Mask

Craft & Design

Playing around in Photo Booth on my Mac is a favorite family pasttime of ours. The kids love to make goofy faces and distort them in all kinds of fun house ways, and I have to admit … I have just as much fun as they do. That’s why I’m in love with this Photo Booth mask from artist Mark Pernice.

Using Apple’s Photo Booth application as inspiration, the idea was to take the 2D image that it manipulated and create a tangible face in a real environment, then in turn bring it back into a 2D image. Using Photo Booth on the mask itself may create some sort of paradoxal shift where I cease to exist.

The mask itself is awesome, but the pictures he’s posted so far on his blog (particularly of a kid wearing the mask) are positively riotous. I love this idea so much and can’t wait to see what else he does with them. [via Fast Company]